Study Shows Chimpanzees Use Tools for Hunting Purposes

Uncategorized By Mar 22, 2023

Chimpanzees have been observed using tools for hunting purposes, changing scientists’ understanding of primate dietary habits. The primates use two distinct hunting techniques: spear hunting and targeted ambush hunting, according to a recent study. Tools used were sophisticated, with chimpanzees using teeth to sharpen weapons and making their weapons from specific trees with the right balance of flexibility and density. Researchers said the discovery demonstrated the primates’ cognitive advancement, which is similar in areas of learning, problem-solving and social skills to humans.

Study Shows Chimpanzees Use Tools for Hunting Purposes


Chimpanzees are known for being intelligent and using tools for various purposes. However, recent studies have found evidence that not only do they use tools for gathering food but they use them for hunting as well. This observation has changed the perception of chimpanzees being herbivorous animals and opens new avenues of research on their dietary habits and hunting behavior.

Chimpanzees Hunting Techniques

The study was conducted in the African rainforest, where it was found that some chimpanzees living there are actively hunting smaller animals, including primates, with the use of various tools. They exhibited two distinct hunting techniques:

  1. Spear hunting: Chimpanzees were found using sharpened sticks to hunt smaller primates, like bush babies. The primates were then skewered with the spear-like stick and were either eaten onsite, or carried to a different location to eat in peace.
  2. Targeted ambush hunting: Chimpanzees were found using branches as tools to sneak up on and catch smaller, fast-moving prey like squirrels. They would climb or walk near the tree’s base until prey moved directly into their path where they would hit them with a quick, decisive blow.

Tools and Their Importance

The tools used by chimpanzees were also interesting as they were not crude, but instead sophisticated in nature. It is said that they sharpened them using their teeth and that the spears were made from specific types of trees which provide the right amount of flexibility, length and density.

This observation demonstrates that chimpanzees, like humans, have the ability to learn and create tools specifically designed for specific tasks. This suggests a level of intelligence not only in the use of the tool but also in the design of the tools used.


Q: Are Chimpanzees omnivores now?

A: Chimpanzees have always been known to be omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and animals. However, their hunting forays have previously been limited to small mammals like insects or birds. This is the first time evidence has been found that chimpanzees are actively hunting primates for food.

Q: Do All Chimpanzees Use Tools?

A: Not all chimpanzees make or use tools, but studies have shown those that do use tools exhibit an ability to learn and teach others to use them. Furthermore, the type of tools used varies by culture, with some chimpanzee populations exhibiting specialized tools that are not found in other populations.

Q: How Similar Are Chimpanzees’ Cognitive Abilities to Ours?

A: While there is ongoing research on this topic, cognitive studies have demonstrated that the cognitive abilities of chimpanzees are very similar to those of humans in terms of learning, problem-solving, and social skills. The ability to create and use tools is one more indication that their cognitive abilities are advanced.

Q: Why is This Study Significant?

A: This study contributes to furthering our knowledge of the evolution of hominids and the extent to which our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, share similar abilities and behaviors as humans. The finding of chimpanzees using tools for hunting has broad implications for our understanding of their dietary habits, hunting behavior, and their impact on the ecological balance of their environment.

In conclusion, the study shows that chimpanzees are intelligent and sophisticated animals that have the ability to actively engage in hunting for food with the aid of tools. They have the cognitive capability to use trial and error to create the right tools to complete specific tasks, something once believed was unique to humans. This new knowledge should give us a new found respect and appreciation for these amazing creatures.