‘Hiker rescued by helicopter after getting lost in national park’

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A hiker who got lost on a national park trail and had to be rescued by a helicopter has been highlighted in a report which provides tips for hiking safely. The US hiker lost his way while walking and was stranded without enough food or water, unsure of how long it would take rescuers to find him. He was saved several hours later by a rescue team which spotted him after he built a branch signal. The search team’s efforts shows the importance of your hiking kit to include a map, compass, food and water, and signalling devices.

Hiker Rescued by Helicopter After Getting Lost in National Park


Getting lost while hiking can be a nightmare for anyone. Hikers who are not well-prepared and equipped to navigate themselves through unknown terrains are susceptible to such risk. In such cases, rescue operations become necessary to ensure their safety. This article discusses the recent rescue of a hiker who got lost in a national park and had to be rescued by a helicopter.

The Incident

On a recent hike through a national park, a hiker lost his way and was unable to find the trail back to his campsite. The hiker had only a little food and water and was in a precarious situation as he had no idea how long it might take for someone to find him.

Fortunately, the park rangers were alerted of the lost hiker by other campers, and they quickly responded to the situation. The rangers launched a search operation that included helicopters and ground crews.

After several hours of searching, the helicopter rescuers spotted the lost hiker, who had by then created a signal using branches to alert the search party. The hiker was airlifted to safety and taken to a nearby hospital for a medical checkup.

The Importance of Safety Precautions

The park rangers who were involved in the search emphasized the importance of hikers taking proper safety precautions while venturing out on a hike. They pointed out that hikers must carry an adequate supply of water and food, a map, and a compass. It is also essential to let someone know your trail plans, so if something goes wrong, they can alert the authorities.

Hikers should not overestimate their abilities and must be prepared for unexpected events such as getting lost, a change in weather, or injuries. In case of an emergency, it is crucial to stay calm, keep warm, and create a signal that rescuers can see from the air.

The Role of Search and Rescue Teams

Search and rescue teams play a critical role in ensuring the safety of hikers who get lost or injured in the wild. These teams are trained to handle all types of rescue operations, including helicopter rescues, which are necessary when hikers get lost in rugged or remote areas.

These teams use specialized equipment such as night-vision goggles and avalanche transceivers to locate and rescue lost hikers. They are often made up of volunteers who have undergone extensive training and are passionate about helping others.


  1. What should I do if I get lost while hiking?
  2. If you get lost while hiking, the first thing to do is to stay calm, gather your bearings, and try to retrace your steps. If unsure, wait for help, use survival signals or make noise, which can catch the attention of search parties.

  3. How can I prepare for a hike?
  4. You should prepare for a hike by researching the route you want to take, understanding the weather, carrying enough food and water, wearing proper hiking gear and clothing, carrying gear required such as a map, compass, first aid kit, and signaling devices.

  5. What should I do if I get injured while hiking?
  6. If you get injured while hiking and have a signal, stay where you are, and signal for help. If you have a communication device, call emergency services, or use a signaling device to alert the rescue team.

  7. What should I wear while hiking?
  8. You should wear comfortable and durable clothing suitable for the environment and season. Wear hiking shoes, boots or sneakers designed for hiking, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses. Dress in layers, so you can peel off or add clothes as you need them.

  9. What items should I carry in my backpack while hiking?
  10. You should carry enough water and food, a first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, a headlamp/flashlight, a map, and a compass. In case of emergencies, carry signaling devices, such as a whistle, a mirror, or a flare.


Getting lost while hiking can be scary, but it is avoidable with the proper safety precautions, reliable gear, and proper planning. The hiker rescued in the national park was fortunate to have been found and rescued by a skilled group of park rangers and rescue teams. By following safety measures and being well-prepared, hikers can minimize their chances of getting lost, stranded or injured while hiking.