Climate Change Causes Rare Plant Species to Vanish

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Approximately 1,000 species of rare plants are expected to vanish if global temperatures continue to rise at the present rate, a new study shows. Climate change has changed the earth’s natural habitat and greatly increased the emission of greenhouse gases, contributing to unprecedented climate change. Heat waves, pollution, and deforestation have resulted in a lack of soil moisture, making soil unsuitable for rare plants. The extinction of rare plant species can result in disasters such as soil erosion, changes in nutrient cycles and its extinction affects essential medicinal qualities, apart from herbivorous animals’ diet, making them a vital factor for the survival of biodiversity.

Climate Change Causes Rare Plant Species to Vanish

Climate change is an escalating issue that has substantially changed the current ecosystem by disrupting the habitats of various species of animals and plants. A recent study reveals that approximately 1000 species of rare plants are likely to go extinct if the temperatures continue to rise at the current rate. Climate change is both natural and man-made, but with the upsurge in human activities, the latter has significantly increased the emission of greenhouse gases, resulting in unprecedented climate change that poses a significant threat to biodiversity.

Causes of Vanishing Rare Plant Species

Climate change has many exclusive consequences on rare plant life. The most important factor that leads to their extinction is heatwaves, which causes the plants to dry up and wilt due to high temperatures. This effect is not just temporary; it may lead to permanent death as well. Deforestation caused by human activities has removed the natural habitat of these rare plants, which further puts these rare plant species at risk. Moreover, pollution emitted by industrial and domestic sources have contributed to climate change, which has adversely affected the rare plant species’ life cycle.

The decrease in rainfall caused by climate change also affects the rare plant species. The soil quality for these rare species is very particular, and the reduction in rain lowers the humidity levels. This results in soil that is too dry and unsuitable for these rare plant species to thrive. This phenomenon also affects the water sources, making them polluted and inadequate, further impacting the plant’s growth and sustainability.

Impact of Vanishing Rare Plant Species

The extinction of certain plant species is not just restricted to the disappearance of the particular species only. The impact is a lot more significant than that. The rare plant species contribute a great deal to the ecosystem as a whole. They have essential medicinal qualities that we have not yet discovered, alongside being important herbivorous animals’ diet. These qualities make rare plant species a crucial element for the survival of a variety of species. Further, the extinction of these rare plant species also impacts the environment, such as leading to soil erosion and changes in nutrient cycles.

Solutions to Combat Climate Change and Save Rare Plant Species

The harm that is being done to rare plant life is enormous, and we need to take responsibility for our own actions. We need to set an example and promote sustainable lifestyles that help reverse the damage caused by climate change. One immediate step that could be taken is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved by using energy-efficient products, opting for public transportation, or even by walking or cycling to work instead of driving.

It is important that we prioritize tree plantation and reforestation. Deforestation is one of the significant reasons for climate change, which further threatens the biodiversity of rare plant species. Restoration of habitats and planting more trees will cool the earth and contribute towards reducing greenhouse gases.


The consequences of climate change and global warming should not just be considered concerning the weather but also regarding our planet’s biodiversity. The disappearance of rare plant species due to climate change is one of the most concerning issues that we are currently facing, as these rare plant species are essential for the survival of the ecosystem. We all have a responsibility to take action and work towards a greener future. Starting with planting more trees and adopting sustainable lifestyles are our best bets for ensuring that we don’t lose these rare plants and the biodiversity they provide.


Q. What percentage of rare plant species are likely to go extinct if temperatures continue to rise at the current rate?

Approximately 1000 species of rare plants are likely to go extinct if the temperatures rise by 3.2 degrees Celsius.

Q. How does climate change affect rare plant species?

Climate change affects rare plant species in a variety of ways, including extreme weather events like heatwaves, reduction in rainfall, and deforestation, which modify the plants’ environment and suitable habitats.

Q. What is the impact of vanishing rare plant species?

The extinction of rare plant species can have numerous consequences, including a significant impact on other wildlife, the loss of important medicinal qualities, herbivorous animals’ diet, and changes in nutrient cycles, among others.

Q. What can individuals do to combat climate change and save rare plant species?

To combat climate change, individuals can reduce their carbon footprint by using energy-efficient products and opting for public transportation or biking. Planting more trees and reforestation can also help cool the earth and reduce greenhouse gases.