Exploring the Deep: New Species Discovered in the Ocean’s Depths

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Over 30,000 new species have been discovered in the world’s oceans since 2000, according to the World Register of Marine Species. Advances in technology have allowed scientists to explore deeper than ever before, leading to discoveries such as the elusive “ghost shark” and the “ruby seadragon”, both in the deep waters off Australia. The deep-sea is vital to our understanding of the…

The Role of Natural Selection in Biodiversity

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Natural selection is a crucial process for biodiversity, promoting genetic diversity, maintaining ecological balance, and ensuring the survival of species. It operates over generations, selecting for the fittest and most adaptable organisms, while those with less advantageous traits die out. Genetic diversity is essential for species survival, providing the raw material for natural selection to act upon. Understanding the importance…

4) Record-breaking wildfires devastate forests across the US

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Wildfires are causing unprecedented damage to forests and wildlife across the United States. The country has experienced some of the worst wildfires on record this year, and the cause is believed to be climate change and other human activities. The impact of wildfires is devastating, destroying trees and vegetation, releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and killing…

Warming Climate Puts Biodiversity At Risk, Says UN Report

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A report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services has warned that the impact of severe and rapidly escalating climate change is putting many of the world’s species at risk of extinction. The report highlights habitat loss, the widespread extinction of many animal and plant species and ecosystem collapse. The loss of biodiversity not only endangers global…

Arctic ice melting at alarming rate, say scientists

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The Arctic has been melting at an alarming rate due to global warming; causing a catastrophic rise in sea levels and the further warming of the planet. The Arctic has lost an average of 12.8% of its sea ice per decade since 1979. Scientists have also observed a decline in polar bear populations, the destruction of ecosystem habitats, and an…

New study reveals alarming decline in global habitat diversity

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A new study published in the journal Nature has found that there has been a significant decline in global habitat diversity over the past few decades, with habitat types around the world becoming more uniform. The loss of diversity can reduce the resilience of ecosystems, lead to a loss of genetic diversity, and reduce the availability of ecosystem services. The…

Conservation organization partners with local community to protect reef ecosystems

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Conservation organisations partner with local communities to protect coral reef ecosystems, which are under threat from climate change, pollution and over-fishing. Such organisations raise awareness of the value of the reefs, conduct research into their ecology, and advocate for policies and regulations to protect them. Partnering with communities can lead to more effective protection measures that gain residents’ support. Examples…

Shenandoah National Park Celebrates 85th Anniversary with Special Events

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Shenandoah National Park, located in Virginia, is celebrating its 85th anniversary in 2021. The park offers scenic drives, hiking trails, stargazing programs and educational events, providing visitors with a beautiful and educational outdoor experience. Special events have been organised throughout the year to mark the occasion, including guided hikes, stargazing programs and educational programs for children. The park spans over…

Community-led Conservation Efforts Prove Successful in African Nature Reserve

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Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa has seen a surge in wildlife populations due to community-led conservation efforts. The reserve has worked closely with its neighboring communities by supporting initiatives such as anti-poaching operations, wildlife monitoring, and educational campaigns. The reserve has established partnerships with professional conservation bodies to bolster conservation strategies, launched an environmental education program, and conducted…

Wilderness Survival Tips for the Modern Adventurer

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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced adventurer, certain skills are essential to surviving in the wilderness. First, always tell someone where you’re going and when you plan to return. Second, bring adequate supplies, including a map, compass, food, water, sturdy shoes, a first aid kit, a knife, and a fire starter. Third, learn how to find and purify water….