Rising global temperatures threaten to exacerbate water scarcity

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Rising global temperatures are exacerbating water scarcity, according to an analysis by Visual Capitalist. Two major factors are at play: increased evaporation and reduced precipitation. Rising temperatures increase the rate of the process by which water is released from plants and soil into the atmosphere, meaning less water is available for humans. Global warming also leads to a reduction in…

Urban Trees Play an Essential Role in Mitigating Air Pollution, Study Finds

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Planting more trees in urban areas can help mitigate air pollution, according to research. Urban trees absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants through their leaves, bark, and roots. Trees can also filter the atmosphere by trapping particulate matter in their leaves, which can pose a risk to human health. They can also cool the air by providing shade and releasing water…

Surfers Brave Dangerous Waves in Extreme Sports Competition

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Extreme surfing competitions offer a platform for surfers to showcase their skills by braving the dangerous waves. Judged on their style, speed, and maneuvering, competitors risk exposure to strong currents, shallow water and sharp rocks. The surfers with the highest scores at the end of the competition win. Surfers who take part in extreme competitions are highly skilled and disciplined….

The Best Hikes to See Waterfalls: A Guide to Nature’s Beauty

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Hiking to see waterfalls is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of nature. The article provides a guide to some of the best hikes to see waterfalls, including Yosemite National Park’s Yosemite Falls, which is the highest waterfall in North America, Niagara Falls Trail in Oregon, Hamilton Pool Preserve Trail near Austin, Texas, Mount Rainier National Park’s 60-foot Myrtle…

Artificial Trees: The Future of Sustainable Christmas Decorations?

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Artificial Christmas trees are gaining popularity due to their convenience, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Many artificial trees look and feel realistic while coming in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. They are convenient to set up, come pre-lit and can be stored easily. Unlike real trees which are cut down and often end up in landfills, artificial trees can be used…

Climate Change Causes Soil Acidification Worldwide

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Soil acidification due to human activities such as deforestation, mining, and industrialization is well-known, but climate change is also contributing to the process. As atmospheric CO2 concentrations rise, naturally occurring acids in the soil are released, causing the pH to lower, leading to decreased nutrient availability, water retention, soil structure, and microbial communities. This reduces productivity and food security. Rising…

The Surprising Health Benefits of Walking on Sand

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Walking on sand offers several health benefits, including stronger leg and foot muscles, reduced risk of joint pain, improved balance and coordination, and better cardiovascular health. The unstable nature of sand surfaces requires feet to work harder to maintain balance, strengthening the muscles of the lower legs and feet. Sand surfaces put less stress on joints, making it helpful for…

Yellowstone National Park Experiences Unusual Volcanic Activity

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Yellowstone National Park has experienced an increase in seismic activity since 2018. The park, located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho in the United States, sits on top of a volcano known as the Yellowstone Caldera, which erupted three times in the past and has experienced at least 80 smaller eruptions. The recent increase in volcanic activity, which included 450 earthquakes…

Valley Residents React to Recent Police Shootings

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Valley residents have been impacted by recent police shootings in the US, sparking outrage and calls for change. Protests and demonstrations have been held in various parts of the Valley, with hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd trending on social media. The reactions have been mixed, with some supporting law enforcement and others calling for defunding or abolishing the police. Valley…

COVID-19 Pandemic Causes Surge in Deforestation Rates in Rainforests

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in deforestation rates globally. Economic instability has led to destructive activities such as illegal logging, mining, and hunting, while an increase in demand for agricultural land has resulted in forests being cleared. Reduced law enforcement has given illegal activities an opportunity to operate without punishment. Deforestation has far-reaching consequences, including habitat destruction, soil…